Harnessing graphene for commercial electronic devices

Paragraf™ has developed a new and unique production process that makes its next-generation graphene suitable for commercially viable electronic devices. Paragraf graphene is directly compatible with existing electronic device processing and production lines, enabling readily scalable graphene electronic device production.

The process:

  • Enables graphene to be produced directly onto semiconductor-compatible substrates such as silicon, silicon nitride, silicon-carbide, sapphire, gallium-nitride and many dielectric materials such as aluminium oxide, hafnium dioxide and others.
  • Does not require metal (e.g., copper) catalysis to enable graphene formation, resulting in no metallic contamination
  • Allows synthesis of large areas of the material (up to 8” diameter to date, but 12” also possible)
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Graphene Hall effect sensors

Outstanding field resolution without signal conditioning.

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Graphene biosensors              

Delivering the unique properties of graphene into biosensor applications.


Graphene solid state devices

Graphene modulators and transistors.