Working at Paragraf is exciting, challenging and fun.

We are driven by the desire to achieve what is currently out of reach. Our people are passionate about delivering next-generation technologies for the benefit of society as a whole.

If you feel the same way, and believe you have unique skills and ideas that will help us in our aims, we would love to hear from you.

Current openings

Growth Scientist/Engineer
Are you excited by pushing the boundaries of Science?   We are looking for people with thin film growth experience and epitaxy to help us progress our R&D activities and achieve our novel, transformational technology aspirations.
Cost/Management Accountant
We now have the opportunity to bring on board a cost/management accountant to develop and establish a costing process, giving you the opportunity from a blank canvas to design and plan systems and a reporting structure.
Equipment Engineer
Are you an experienced Equipment Engineer and are up for a new challenge? This role offers an exciting opportunity for you to work in a fast-changing environment with a rapidly growing company.
Device Development Engineer
Are you experienced in developing prototype semiconductor devices and technologies? This rare, exciting position in the technology development team requires you to work with our scientists to develop novel, innovative and ground-breaking technologies from the ‘wonder material’ graphene and carry them through the NPD process.

“Our technology puts me in contact with some of the world’s largest, most innovative and most exciting businesses; it opens doors and people want to understand how they can use it to build better products,”
Dr. Olly Morris, Business Developer

“The fact that we’re working at the forefront of developing graphene electronic devices makes our jobs exciting – every day we could potentially be working on something that no one has ever done before! I enjoy working within an interdisciplinary team of talented scientists and engineers towards the larger aim of developing technology the benefit of the global community. Personally, I have been given many opportunities, encouragement, and freedom to explore scientifically, which is ideal for a fresh graduate like myself (or in fact any career stage!),”
Dr. Lok Yi Lee, Scientist

“In Paragraf I get to work on technology that can make a difference and in a role in which I can make a difference. I feel so lucky to be working with such a friendly, talented and enthusiastic team,”
Dr. Natasha Conway, Research Manager