Paragraf leading the way in graphene electronics

EV and energy storage

Paragraf is the world’s first company to use graphene to mass produce electronic devices using standard semiconductor processes.

The latest regulatory requirements in battery safety are driving the need for newer, more advanced current sensors.

With its two-dimensional nature, graphene based magnetic sensors only respond to magnetic fields perpendicular to the sensing layer. This provides much more accurate field and current mapping for battery applications.

Current sensors

Paragraf’s graphene current sensors can be used for:

  • Leakage detection in the μA with high resolution for battery manufacturer’s safety testing and compliance
  • Cell aging processes, failure mode analysis and recycling of batteries
  • In service health monitoring and performance optimisation, prolonging battery life

Features and benefits

Graphene current sensor

Unrivalled measurement range capability from μA to kA

Use one sensor; reduce bill of materials

Isolated from current flow

Measurements can be made without disruption to existing set-ups

Capture current flow direction, as well as magnitude

True mapping of current and temperature density

Zero cross talk

Reduce shielding requirements and densely pack sensors for high spatial resolution

2D graphene sensor, immune to stray fields

Improves quality of data for simpler analysis

Capture instantaneous increases in current density with high resolution and no lag

Critical for regulatory and safety requirements

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