Graphene electronic device knowledge

As a unique and innovative material, Paragraf’s ‘next-generation’ graphene is constantly revealing new qualities and capabilities, and inspiring new applications. Our Knowledge Centre is where you will find the latest whitepapers, blogs and articles from us.

Graphene – Then, Now and in the Future

August 17th, 2020|

Article by John Tingay, CTO, Paragraf. Disruptive technology doesn't come along every day, so it's not surprising that when two-dimensional materials started to emerge, they made quite an impact. The most impactful was probably [...]

Enabling a Magnetic Breakthrough at CERN with Graphene Electronics

August 4th, 2020|

By Ellie Galanis, product owner for the GHS Series of graphene Hall sensors, Paragraf. From the outset, it was an ambitious partnership. How could a technology company in the UK help the world’s most [...]

From Research to Commercial Graphene Electronics

July 29th, 2020|

Progressing from research to commercialisation in just five years, Paragraf has created a remarkably sensitive graphene-based magnetic sensor. Technical Director, Dr Ivor Guiney, reveals how. In 2014, three years before the launch of Paragraf, [...]

Graphene Now Ready to Shake Up the Electronics Industry

July 23rd, 2020|

Article by John Tingay, CTO at Paragraf.  Comprised of a single layer of carbon atoms, with an incredibly strong structure, graphene has been much heralded in the field of materials science. The properties that [...]

  • Paragraf’s GHS Series Hall-Effect Sensors

Redefining Hall-Effect Sensors with Graphene

July 13th, 2020|

Article by Simon Thomas, CEO at Paragraf. Over the last decade or so, graphene has gained an ever-increasing amount of press attention, due to the incredible properties it possesses and its potential to enhance [...]


Graphene Hall-Effect Sensors – The gateway to unrivalled magnetic field sensitivity and resolution?

The commercial viability of graphene has so far largely failed to be realised. This whitepaper reveals how Paragraf has developed a process overcoming previous issues, enabling it to develop a commercially viable graphene Hall-effect sensor. The whitepaper also explores the sensor’s ability to transform magnetic measurement applications, and provides a view to future developments.

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