A compact board that enables simultaneous measurements to be taken from up to 8 GHS-A or GHS-C Hall effect sensors.

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Each sensor is attached to a probe with a 1.5m serial interface cable and is accompanied by its own temperature sensor for simultaneous temperature monitoring and temperature correction of the magnetic measurement data. This plug-and-play hardware is simple to integrate into existing data acquisition systems. It will help manufacturers through the initial stages, before they look to implement larger scale test rigs featuring greater numbers of GHS-A or GHS-C devices.

Battery analysis applications
for the GHS Array Starter Kit

  • Real time current density mapping – observe localised variations across the cell, over time, and during charge/discharge etc …
  • Failure mode analysis – correlate hot spots to local changes in current density
  • Mapping current flow direction through a cell
  • Monitoring leakage currents & fringe fields at the current tabs
  • Simultaneous localised monitoring of current tabs during charge/discharge cycling
  • Simultaneous monitoring of current flowing into individual cells within a multi-cell pack

Other applications
for the GHS Array Starter Kit

  • Magnetic materials research – multi-axis magnetic materials characterisation during stress testing
  • Magnet sorting – quick multi-axis characterisation and sorting of different magnet grades
  • Electromagnet mapping – real time field imaging and field gradient mapping of electromagnets
  • Electric motors/bearings – map and monitor rotor and stator fields, check for defects e.g. pinholes in winding insulation and monitor how they develop
  • Non-destructive testing – distributed measurements of metallic and magnetic parts for defect identification

All analysis methods are fully isolated from the battery and test setup.

The kit can be added on to existing test rigs to collect supplementary information without interfering with the cells, packs or existing test equipment.

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Battery Mapping using the
Paragraf GHS Array Starter Kit

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