Paragraf™ GHS Series Hall Effect sensors deliver the unique properties of graphene into magnetic field sensing applications.

Achieve simple yet ultra-high resolution magnetic field measurement and positioning under a wide range of operating conditions.

Paragraf’s contamination-free direct-to-wafer deposition technology enables high purity graphene, with a high carrier mobility, to be integrated into sensing technologies. The GHS series of analogue sensors is designed to provide very high-performance measurement, sensing and control for scientific research, battery, healthcare, aerospace, industrial and automotive applications, including:

  • Precision magnetic field measurement
  • Accurate field gradient mapping and alignment
  • High sensitivity current and power measurement
  • High precision position, rotation and speed sensing
  • Continuous ultra-low power sensing

Two graphene Hall Effect sensors are currently available:

GHS10AT icon

GHS01AT for optimal performance under ambient conditions in applications such as local current density analysis and mapping of battery cells.

GHS09CC icon

GHS-C for Ultra-high-resolution magnetic field measurements under operational extremes.


Paragraf also produce a kit for simultaneous data collection from up to 8 GHS sensors (GHS09CC or GHS01AT) – the
GHS Array Starter Kit

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