Achieved through the fundamental application of materials science, combined with the implementation of high-tech engineering approaches, Paragraf’s core values are driven by the passion to innovate and derive useful end product from novel materials, driving science and engineering to have the greatest world impact. Our aim is to make advancements to individuals daily lives through more accessible technology, cheaper applications, ground breaking achievements in medical science, reduction of energy poverty along with environmental benefits. All through the realisation of configurable, low cost, compatible, industry ready graphene.

Through joint application of efforts and expertise we strive to achieve extraordinary advances with potentially global benefits.


Unfortunately, the world of graphene has not received the best press lately, with the material unfulfilling its promises of technology advancement leaps and commercialisation. This has left the end consumer dissatisfied with graphene’s current performance and disappointed as to why this heralded material, is not impacting their daily lives, as they have been frequently promised. Through our methodologies and processes we will bring an end to the speculation of what graphene can achieve. Using our proven and repeatable approach to fabrication we facilitate graphene production in a usable format, suitable for mass market devices.

Paragraf will endeavour to banish the lethargy currently surrounding graphene, reinvigorating technologists, manufacturers, academics and the public by enabling graphene to work reproducibly.