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Looking to learn more about graphene and its application? Our knowledge centre is where we share our knowledge with you, so that more people can benefit from our high-purity 2D graphene. Here you’ll find articles on graphene applications from electric vehicles to diagnostics to solid-state technologies.  

MRI scanner

How graphene Hall sensors can improve MRI performance


How graphene will revolutionise biosensors


How graphene can help solve the energy crisis

Bringing the benefits of graphene-based technology to industrial encoders

7 ways graphene can improve EV battery testing

7 ways graphene sensors can improve electric vehicle battery testing

Six ways that graphene sensors can transform battery design, development and recycling

graphene in microelectronics

Leveraging the full potential of graphene from a microelectronics standpoint

electric vehicle charging

How graphene can help design better electrical vehicle batteries

Charting graphene’s progress within the semiconductor industry

Why the properties of graphene at cryogenic temperatures are making quantum computing increasingly viable

Graphene Hall sensors – the exciting route to better-performing electric vehicles

graphene biosensor

Graphene Solid State Devices – What does the Future Hold?

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