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Our unique offering


The capability to control graphene layer properties defines its usefulness for the desired application. Whether this be physical (mechanical strength, porosity, thickness of stacked layers), electrical (conductivity, carrier density, band gap availability) or otherwise (thermal conductivity, transparency, flexibility).

At Paragraf we can produce an extensive range of graphenes with tuneable, definable properties designed for the specific end point application. This allows enhancement of the most applicable properties while concurrently exploiting inherent material efficiency and performance.


The capability to deliver graphene on desired substrates or materials, defines the applications for which it can be used. For high-quality end applications, it is essential that the graphene is contamination free, transfer free and presented on substrates suitable for the desired devices.

The Paragraf approach delivers direct compatibility with industry standard substrates including silicon, sapphire, SoI, SiO2 and SiC in addition to standard electronic device compound materials such as GaN, AlN, InGaN and other two-dimensional materials such as BN.

Cost Effective

The capability to deliver targeted property graphene into devices, applications and products at an acceptable price point defines the commercial viability of these graphene-based products. The difficulty of producing high performance materials in volume generally leads to high production cost and usually appreciably long production times.

The Paragraf technique for graphene production is industry focussed, delivering high quality graphenes rapidly at comparatively low cost.

Industry Ready

The capability to deliver graphene on substrates or graphene heterostructures, graphene with other materials, in forms compatible with existing device production infrastructure defines the ease at which new materials devices can be effectively delivered to market.

The Paragraf approach delivers graphene, either pristine or in heterostructure combinations, in formats that are directly compatible with existing globally accessible device or product processing lines, making it ready to go for device production.

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