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The Green Energy Solution

High electrical and thermal conductivity make graphene an ideal material to enhance the performance of green energy generation devices, such as solar PV cells. Pair this with the electrochemical stability and large surface area of graphene, which lends itself for use in supercapacitors, a key technology for next generation energy storage, as large scale rapidly rechargeable batteries, and the potential of a completely green energy solution becomes feasible.

Paragraf’s Free Energy Target

Combining graphene with other materials to make heterostructure devices is key to utilising the advantages of graphene in existing devices. It is also essential that the combination technique doesn’t have a deleterious effect on the properties of the graphene, difficult given that it is extremely sensitive to interactions with other chemicals and elements.

Paragraf’s technique delivers the possibility to combine graphene with other crystalline materials directly, without the need for additional processing actions or material transfer. This allows the pristine properties of graphene to be harnessed by the device or system, thereby increasing performance parameters such as electrical extraction efficiency, which is incredibly useful for many energy generation and storage technologies.

In addition, Paragraf’s capability to highly functionalize graphene, also opens the door to new energy harvesting ideas, for example using other environmental interactions and forces to create novel energy generation approaches.

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