Paragraf leading the way in graphene electronics


Paragraf is the world’s first company to use graphene to mass produce electronic devices using standard semiconductor processes.

Our high-performance graphene sensor technology brings magnetic field measurement resolution towards that of more complex magnetic sensors, yet with the ease of use of a Hall sensor.

With instantaneous response, wide measurement range, low power and ease of use, the graphene Hall sensors are ideal for positional, rotational and current sensing in automotive applications.

For automotive applications, post-test calibration and stress sensing are not required. Peripheral electronics is simplified – amplification can be simplified or removed completely. In addition, spinning current and demodulation circuitry is simpler to implement.

Magnetic sensors

Paragraf’s graphene magnetic sensors can be used for:

  • Position sensing
  • Rotation sensing
  • Torque sensing

Features and benefits

Graphene current sensor

High linearity and no hysteresis

Simplify calibration

Low noise measurements

Minimal amplification electronics required

High resilience to shock and vibration

No shielding requirements

High resolution and sensitivity

Rival performance of more complex semiconductors, with the ease of use of silicon

-55°C to 125°C operation

Conforms to standard automotive regulations

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