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Our high-performance graphene sensor technology brings magnetic field measurement resolution towards that of more complex magnetic sensors, yet with the ease of use of a Hall sensor.

Graphene Hall sensors are ideal for automotive applications such as positional, rotational, and current sensing. They offer instantaneous response, wide measurement range, low power consumption, and ease of use. Post-test calibration and stress sensing are not required for automotive applications, which simplifies the peripheral electronics and reduces the need for amplification or eliminates it completely. Additionally, spinning current and demodulation circuitry is easier to implement with graphene sensors.

Steer-By-Wire For Automatic Emergency Steering With Paragraf Sensors

Steer-by-wire replaces the mechanical linkages of conventional steering with an electronic control system. Sensors mounted in the steering column detect the rotation of the steering wheel and send the relevant signals to steering motors that control the angle of the wheels.

Paragraf is aware of the challenges that the industry faces on the road to widespread adoption of AES. We are working with automotive industry leaders and their supply chain to make steer-by-wire better and cars safer.


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