Hall Sensors

Paragraf offers a range of magnetic and current sensors that map high and low magnetic fields, with superior accuracy, in both extreme and ambient environments. These are used in a range of applications, including automotive, quantum computing and cryogenics. These graphene-based electronic devices are mass produced using standard semiconductors processes.

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Part numberDownloadsTypeSensing Range (T)Sensitivity (V/AT)Sensitivity (V/VT)Min. TempMax. TempPackageAvailability
EGHSM01Q01DatasheetGeneral Purpose± 28000.16-40°C125°C8-pin QFN, PlasticEnquire now
EGHSX01Q02DatasheetCryogenic - High Field± 30200-<1K350K8-pin QFN, CeramicEnquire now
EGHSX02Q02DatasheetCryogenic± 7300-4K350K8-pin QFN, CeramicEnquire now
EGHSX03Q02DatasheetCryogenic - Low Field± 0.51700-<1K350K8-pin QFN, CeramicEnquire now
EGHSA01XXXManualMulti-Sensor Test Unit------Enquire now
Part numberSpecAvailability
General Purpose
Sensing Range: ± 2 T
Sensitivity(V/AT): 800
Sensitivity(V/VT): 0.16
Min. Temp: -40°C
Max. Temp: 125°C
Enquire now
Cryogenic - High Field
Sensing Range: ± 30 T
Sensitivity(V/AT): 175
Sensitivity(V/VT): -
Min. Temp: <1K
Max. Temp: 350K
Enquire now
Sensing Range: ± 7 T
Sensitivity(V/AT): 250
Sensitivity(V/VT): -
Min. Temp: 4K
Max. Temp: 350K
Enquire now
Cryogenic - Low Field
Sensing Range: ± 0.5 T
Sensitivity(V/AT): 800
Sensitivity(V/VT): -
Min. Temp: <1K
Max. Temp: 350K
Enquire now
Multi-Sensor Test Unit
-Enquire now

Products by technology

Our high-performance graphene sensor technology brings magnetic field measurement resolution closer to that of more-complex magnetic sensors, with the ease of use of a Hall sensor. With high sensitivity and strong linear response to magnetic fields across temperatures.

Our cryogenic-ready graphene-based sensor is the first and only Hall effect sensor capable of measuring a range of magnetic field strengths from 10s of µT up to 7 T and above, at temperature extremes at the mK level.

To provide our customers with a greater ability to enjoy the full benefit of our industry-leading technology, we have developed the MiST data acquisition unit. Providing a self-contained, turn-key solution for easy configuration and operation of multiple GHS for a wide range of applications.

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Paragraf Senior Scientist Rosie Baines introduces graphene Hall effect sensors to RAZOR’s Reya El-Salahi.

Paragraf Research Director Natasha Conway introduces graphene Hall effect sensors and explains how the original electronics promise of graphene is being realised with the Graphene Council.

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