General Purpose & High Field

Graphene’s two-dimensional nature allows our sensors to map magnetic fields with greater accuracy.

Features & Benefits

  • High linearity and no hysteresis
  • High resilience to shock and vibration
  • Low noise measurements
  • High resolution and sensitivity
  • -40°C to 125­°C operation
  • Performance without need for complex calibration, simplifying required electronics and reducing cost
  • Amplification electronics can be minimised or avoided entirely, decreasing cost and system complexity
  • Rival performance of more complex semiconductors, with the ease of use of silicon


General Purpose

The Paragraf graphene Hall sensor takes advantage of graphene’s electronic potential to enable a Hall sensor with high sensitivity and a strongly linear response to magnetic fields and temperature.


Sensing Range: ± 2 T
Sensitivity (V/AT): 800
Sensitivity (V/VT): 0.16
Min. Temp: -40°C
Max. Temp: 125°C

High Field

The Paragraf high field graphene Hall sensor is designed for use in ultra-high field environments; it can measure magnetic fields up to 30 Tesla while maintaining a linear response.


Sensing Range: ± 30 T
Sensitivity (V/AT): 175
Sensitivity (V/VT): 0.05
Min. Temp: -40°C
Max. Temp: –

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