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Paragraf makes commercially viable graphene-based electronic devices compatible with existing manufacturing processes. Now we can help you exploit graphene’s amazing qualities to transform the sensor, energy and semiconductor industries.

Graphene Hall-Effect Sensors
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About Paragraf

Paragraf is a technology company delivering game-changing, commercial quality, graphene-based electronic devices. Serving the sensor, energy and semiconductor markets, Paragraf has developed graphene electronic devices and is now partnering with visionary companies seeking to take advantage of the unique properties of graphene. Paragraf has perfected a process for producing single-atom thick, two-dimensional materials, including graphene, directly onto crystalline substrates such as silicon, silicon-carbide, sapphire and gallium-nitride. The contamination-free technology is scalable, and compatible with existing electronic device manufacturing production processes.


Graphene Hall-Effect Sensors – The gateway to unrivalled magnetic field sensitivity and resolution?
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Paragraf appoints Alistair Crawford as Chairman

June 22nd, 2020|

22 June 2020: Paragraf, the leader in graphene-based transformative electronic sensors and devices, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alistair Crawford as Chairman. Alistair joins Paragraf at a crucial time in its development, [...]

Paragraf Excited to Announce GRAPHIC MAN Project

December 20th, 2019|

GRAPHIC MAN: Graphene Electronics Manufacturing in the UK Paragraf is very pleased to announce the successful launch of the GRAPHIC MAN project in conjunction with our partners RAM Innovations and INEX Microtechnology and supported [...]

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