Graphene. Reinvented Reinvented.
Large Area, High-Performance, Global Scale

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Dr Simon Thomas

MEng, CPhys, CEng

Experts in physics, engineering and materials science, Simon and his team have been able to harness the extraordinary benefits of graphene. “We see a future where the potential of graphene is achieved, delivering game-changing, societally beneficial technologies.”

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys


Globally recognized as one of this generations leading materials scientists, Sir Colin holds professorships at both Queen Mary University of London and at the University of Cambridge. “Paragraf has the potential to transform a wide range of industries, including electronics, energy and healthcare.”

Our unique offering

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Graphene’s potential is truly astounding, demonstrated by numerous application successes at laboratory level. However, delivering graphene technologies to point of use remains difficult. Paragraf’s novel approach to graphene formation breaks this boundary bringing true commercial viability.

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