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Paragraf is the first company in the world to mass produce graphene-based electronic devices using standard semiconductor processes.

Our patented, proprietary deposition process creates a true, contamination-free, one-atom-thick layer of graphene directly on a substrate, making full use of the wonder material’s myriad features.


Cities around the world are pushing towards healthy, clean-air goals which necessitate an increasing use of Electric Vehicles. Electric vehicles of various modes (cars, busses and bikes) will be counted on to get us around, and Paragraf’s current sensors will play an important role in helping battery manufacturers meet new battery safety regulations, as well as ensuring safer and more efficient use of the battery in the vehicle.


Graphene-based biosensors have the potential to deliver faster and more cost-effective diagnostic devices, helping more people and saving more lives. Beyond clinical diagnostics, graphene biosensors will impact such areas as precision farming, food toxicity testing and a range of other applications that will ultimately lead to healthier food for everyone and a healthier environment.


An exponential growth in internet data, as well as the exponential growth of data centre processing, is leading to a dramatic increase in energy consumption at data centres. About 4% of the world’s energy is consumed by data centres, and this in the context of rapid uptake of immensely energy-hungry AI processing. Graphene-based 2D transistors have the potential to dramatically improve the performance per power of processing and reduce the energy footprint of high-performance compute data centres.

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