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Graphene Hall Sensors (GHS)

High-performance graphene-based magnetic sensors for current sensing and position sensing delivering higher sensitivity and superior noise tolerance.

Graphene Field-Effect Transistors (GFET)

Paragraf GFET-PV01: Mass-produced electrolyte-gated FET with direct graphene deposition, homogeneous electric field during operation and versatile sensing applications.

Custom Foundry Services

Paragraf is ushering in a new generation of solid-state devices and VLSI circuits, enabled by 2D materials with custom deposition and foundry services.



Achieve more accurate and rapid biomarker discovery, detection and characterisation to accelerate disease research and improve health.


Optimize process control, enhance quality control, and improve production and energy efficiency of your automation system.

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Our vision

Healthy People

Graphene biosensors will deliver faster time to results, and reduced sample preparation times. Precision farming will also be revolutionised leading to healthier foods and environment.

Healthy Cities

Cities around the world will achieve their clean-air goals enabled by Electric Vehicles. Manufacturers will be able to provide safer and more efficient use of batteries and more efficient motors.

Healthy Planet

2D material based transistors have the potential to dramatically improve the performance density and reduce the energy footprint of the compute infrastructure worldwide.

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