The deadline for applications to our 2024 intern intake is the 31 January. We will review all applications and invite selected individuals to an assessment day, which will take place in March. Successful candidates will commence employment in June or July.

Internship programs play a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce and providing aspiring professionals with valuable hands-on experience. Here at Paragraf, we can offer interns a unique opportunity to dive into the world of cutting-edge innovation that aligns to the academic studies, putting theory into real world use.

The Paragraf Experience:

Paragraf’s internship program is designed to provide a holistic and immersive experience, allowing interns to work alongside industry experts and contribute to real-world projects. What follow are some highlights of you’ll gain and experience from participating in either our 3- or 12-month internships.

Mentorship and Guidance:

At Paragraf, interns are not left to fend for themselves; they are mentored and guided by professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. This relationship gives interns personalised attention, enabling them to develop their skills and gain insights into the nuances of the business and graphene-based technology.

Hands-on Projects:

Interns at Paragraf are not confined to mundane tasks; they are an integral part of ground-breaking projects. Whether it’s developing new applications for graphene or optimizing existing technologies, interns get hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

The collaborative culture at Paragraf encourages interns to actively engage with cross-functional teams. This approach not only fosters teamwork but also exposes interns to diverse perspectives, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and adaptability.

Networking Opportunities:

Interns at Paragraf have the chance to connect with professionals from various departments, fostering a network that extends beyond the internship period. This network proves invaluable as interns progress in their careers, providing them with a support system and potential future collaborators.

Paragraf’s internship program is a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering talent and driving innovation in the graphene technology space. Interns not only gain technical skills but also develop a deeper understanding of the industry and how the business operates while setting themselves on a path for success in their future careers.

As we offer a range of intern opportunities, we look for a variety of things in successful applicants. Our interns’ courses of study include Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. While those studies provide an underpinning of knowledge, we look for people who are engaged, enthusiastic and happy to learn on the job. As a Paragraf intern, you’d be responsible for your own projects as well as for working collaboratively with others to define a result and give insight along the way via presentations to both large and small groups of peers.

Paragraf is a welcoming company and we’ve had several successful placements over the years from a range of universities in the UK and overseas. If you are a curious and ambitious student who is looking to contribute to the development of exciting, cutting-edge technology, we encourage you to apply for one of our internships.

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