Paragraf Joins DOE’s EES2 Initiative: Boosting Semiconductor Energy Efficiency with Graphene Microchips

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The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) launched its Energy Efficiency Scaling for 2 Decades (EES2) initiative in 2022 to unite private industry, national labs and academia in getting the semiconductor industry back on the path of doubling energy efficiency every two years. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to increase the energy efficiency of semiconductors 1,000-fold over the next 20 years.

Paragraf’s CEO, Dr Simon Thomas, has signed a declaration to join the EES2 programme. Last week, we presented our pledge to Tina Kaarsberg, Acting Program Manager at DOE who is spearheading the EES2 initiative.

Paragraf is using graphene to build microchips that are more capable and power efficient than silicon alternatives.

Tina Kaarsberg, Wayne Johnson (presenting on behalf of Paragraf) and Paul Syers

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