Paragraf employees prepare to run in the Cambridge Half-Marathon, benefitting Magpas

Cambridge Half-Marathon photos
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In what has become an annual tradition at Paragraf, we will have a group of runners at this Sunday’s Cambridge Half-Marathon. This year, our team of 11 runners and has chosen to support Magpas Air Ambulance. You can donate to MAGPAS through the team’s JustGiving page at

Below, some of our runners share their motivations and training stories in advance of the run.

Mike Ellis

As with any good collector (also known as a hoarder) I have run all the 12 ‘recent’ Cambridge Half Marathons and have the medals to prove it. As with the previous three years, I will be doing the race on Sunday as a member of the Paragraf team. I say ‘recent’ half marathons because, if my memory serves me well, there were a number of Cambridge Half Marathons organised in the 1980’s sponsored by Sir Clive Sinclair’s company, Sinclair Research, one of Cambridge’s original high tech success stories. However, unlike myself, the famous Sinclair C5 has a range of 20 miles, exceeding the 13.1 miles several thousand of us will have to do on Sunday. Just for the record, I didn’t compete in any of the previous races.

Some points to note: the original finisher’s drink was a beer. Unfortunately (for me), it is now water. It was always fun to see several thousands of runners, post-race, with a pint in their hand, albeit 0% alcohol. I have also observed, over the last 12 years, that the course of the Cambridge Half Marathon has changed from several circuits around the town itself into a run out to Grantchester and back. The route was initially along Trumpington Road and back into Cambridge along Barton Road to a reverse in direction to its current circuit out of town along Barton Road into Grantchester and back into town on Trumpington Road. This year the course takes in four Cambridge colleges with two new ones added for 2024. By the way, all the course changes have not made it any easier, but getting the medal at the end is still special. Bring it on.

Helen Dighton

Photos from Helen’s training runs

It’s been a challenging year of training this year – the bright side has been some lovely sun rises and sun sets – the downside has been everything hurting before, during and after the training runs!

However, MAGPAS is a great charity – it’s the kind of service you hope you never need, but also hope will be there if something happens!

My husband always comes into Cambridge and cycles around to cheer me on, popping up in a variety of spots to take some gruesome ‘action’ photos. This year he’s being joined by our son Max too – it’s a boost when someone cheers you on – especially at the point when it’s quite painful, it adds a little spring to your step as you plod along. So if anyone else can cheer on the Paragraf 11 runners that would be much appreciated!

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