Advanced graphene Hall effect sensors ideal for magnetic field and current measurement in emerging industrial, battery, consumer, electric machines and e-mobility applications.

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The graphene GHS-A Hall effect sensor is optimised for high performance in relatively low field environments and under ambient temperatures.

Bringing the magnetic field measurement resolution towards that of more complex magnetic sensors, yet with the small size and ease of use of a Hall sensor, the 1D analogue GHS-A magnetic sensor can address monitoring tasks which conventional technologies simply cannot provide an effective solution for.

The GHS-A offers:

  • high sensitivity
  • low noise
  • ultra-low power operation
  • immunity to in-plane stray fields
  • no hysteresis & no saturation in output
  • all-round robustness

The electric revolution is underway and with it comes more demanding magnetic and current sensing challenges, to which the GHS-A can respond in applications such as:

  • drive-by-wire sensing and feedback in e-mobility applications
  • battery R&D, production, reuse and battery management system (BMS)
  • electric motors and magnetic bearings feedback, control and development
  • industrial and medical robotics

Performing tasks such as:

  • position, rotation, speed and torque sensing
  • current sensing
  • current density mapping
  • magnetic field mapping and calibration

The GHS-A is available with a number of accessories including a PCB accessory, socket, probe assemblies and the GHS Array Starter Kit. A datasheet is available on request.

Battery cell insights include:

  • Real time current density mapping – observe localised variations across the cell, over time, and during charge/discharge
  • Failure mode analysis – correlate hot spots to local changes in current density
  • Simultaneous monitoring – observe current flowing into individual cells within a multi-cell pack
  • Quality control – detect manufacturing defects non-destructively
  • Recycling/reuse – Screening battery cells for reuse and repurposing
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Battery Mapping using the
Paragraf GHS Array Starter Kit

Paragraf also produce a kit for simultaneous data collection from up to 8 GHS sensors (GHS-C or GHS-A) – the
GHS Array Starter Kit

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