ILS2021 (Innovation Leaders Summit) is Asia’s largest open innovation conference and is being held online at the beginning of next month March 3rd-5th.

On the first day of the event, March 3rd, Paragraf CEO Dr Simon Thomas will discuss ‘Game-Changing, Graphene-based, Electronic & Electro-Optic Devices at Scale from No-Transfer, Contamination-Free Technology’ at 08:50-09:50 JST (23:50-00:50 UK Time) in the Overseas Session that includes invited organisations recommended by government agencies and major VCs.

The talk will start by looking at why graphene hasn’t realised its full potential in electronic devices owing to copper contamination from the transfer process in production. By eliminating the use of copper, Paragraf have enabled the production of graphene electronic devices at commercial quality and scale. The exceptional performance of Paragraf’s first commercial electronic device, manufactured at wafer-scale, the Paragraf Graphene Hall Effect sensor, will be discussed. The talk will conclude with collaboration opportunities in graphene Hall Effect sensors, graphene biosensors and graphene electronics.

More information, including free registration can be found on the ILS web page.

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