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Outstanding flexibility and transparency, with superior electrical conduction, enables novel device and consumer product technologies.



Enormous conductivity with massive effective surface area, promise power generation and storage possibilities, from a single material.



Multi-functional properties enable combined sensing actions in a single device, making graphene ideal for many diverse sensor applications.

Energy Proofing the Future

Global energy availability will be one of the greatest challenges of the next 100 years. An increasing population is giving rise to unprecedented levels of localised energy poverty. How do we solve this issue, without impacting the environment?

Graphene enabled energy generation devices and storage cells can not only aid in grid wide power availability but also deliver small, portable, localised generation-storage solutions which can be used in unconnected or power insecure regions.

Transitioning carbon from energy production pollutant to green energy provider.

Speeding up the World

With Moore’s law for Silicon devices driving towards its conclusion, new technologies are needed to continue fulfilling the need for ever increasing computing capabilities.

Graphene’s electronic properties offer performance enhancements in solid state devices orders of magnitude beyond conventional Silicon based technologies. Harnessing graphene in chips and processors would allow conventional computing architectures to be massively advanced.

But how about increased computing power, with reduced energy consumption… graphene can potentially answer both these demands in a single package.


Never before has a material delivered so many beneficial properties in a single package. Graphene promises technological landscape advancements in so many sectors, it’s difficult to see the materials imitations; from computing to medical devices, energy sustainability to clean water supply and far beyond. The inherent properties of the material offer near term conventional product improvements, through mid-term fundamental product advancements to completely novel future technology inventions.

It is this cross technology multi-functionality for which graphene can offer benefits that is so important and will potentially allow the material to contribute to the solution to some of today’s greatest challenges…

At Paragraf we have developed techniques and methodologies that focus on the delivery of graphene-based technologies at scale, enabling the widely reported research and development innovations to be commercially exploited and benefit global society. Through Paragraf’s novel approach the grand ideas of Science Fiction have the potential to become science fact.

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