Hall effect sensors that achieve high resolution magnetic field measurements under operational extremes, far beyond the scope of any other sensing solution.

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Achieve high resolution over extremely large magnetic field ranges, in a small, low-power package capable of operating at cryogenic temperatures.

Utilising the inherently high sensitivity of this two-dimensional material, the GHS-C Hall effect range achieves outstanding resolution at cryogenic extremes, with the technology previously proven at mK, and verified for measurement up to 30T, whilst introducing new properties such as a negligible planar Hall effect and all-round robustness.

Benefits include:

  • Increase manufacturing throughput by quicker magnet mapping, replacing existing NMR probe mapping stages.
  • Measure directly in cold bore – room temperature inserts not needed, allowing quicker collection of quality data.

This allows for:

  • More accurate characterisation of material properties at the extremes of temperature and magnetic fields.
  • Achievement of the lowest possible base temperatures – the power consumption of the GHS-C is extremely low, keeping heat load at cold finger to a minimum.
  • Measurements in small spaces  – small form factor when compared to fluxgates and NMR probes.
  • Ease of calibration – uncorrected linearities better than 0.2% of full scale for room temperature measurements at low fields, with non-linearities better than 8% over the full 30 T range at cryogenic temperatures.

The lack of planar Hall effect will also aid experiments where either vector fields are used or the sample must be rotated in the field to understand material properties. Lower noise allows cleaner high resolution data.

Applications include quantum computing, high energy physics labs, cryogenic cooling equipment, fusion, medical accelerators, ultra-low temperature research, and magnet manufacturing.

The GHS-C comes as standard with a cryogenic-rated socket for ease of implementation.

Paragraf also produces a kit for simultaneous data collection from up to 8 GHS sensors – the
GHS Array Starter Kit

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