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About us
Our journey so far

Spun out of the Materials Science Department, University of Cambridge, Paragraf has one core focus… to deliver the speculated capabilities of graphene to the real world.

Building on fundamental science and high quality, independently qualified R&D, Paragraf has targeted the limiting factor preventing the true exploitation of graphene… manufacturing.

At our Cambridgeshire facility, we produce large area graphene to the highest quality, beyond current industry standards, through our combined expertise in thin film materials production, solid state structure processing and novel material product application. Our materials are used in our partnership collaborations where we are developing devices and processes that will enable step-change technological advancements in real world applications.

At Paragraf we believe a brighter future lies in the innovation of transformative, graphene-based devices and systems. If you wish to join or find out more about our journey, please do get in touch.

What we produce



Outstanding flexibility and transparency, with superior electrical conduction, enables novel device and consumer product technologies.



Enormous conductivity with massive effective surface area, promise power generation and storage possibilities, from a single material.



Multi-functional properties enable combined sensing actions in a single device, making graphene ideal for many diverse sensor applications.

Dr Simon Thomas


Dr Simon Thomas, CEO

MEng, CPhys, CEng

The world of graphene is a land of great promise, if we can only achieve that most elusive of goals, commercial viability. We created Paragraf not to deliver the golden material of theoretical science but instead a real world high-performance graphene that was reproducible, repeatable and most importantly scalable.

At Paragraf we only have one aim, to bring the benefits of graphene to the world. Through our technology development programs we strive to bring the products of tomorrow, today.

Working together internally and with our partners we continually investigate, invent, innovate and build graphene-based technologies to deliver game changing products.

Our continual goal is to accelerate the path to a greener, brighter, more sustainable future that benefits global society for the better.

All from our world’s most important of elements, carbon.

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys


Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys, Chairman


My graphene journey started with a laugh! In 2014, I had an idea for making a device combining gallium nitride (GaN) with graphene. I phoned the leading graphene centre in the UK and asked them for a small piece of device-quality graphene about 2-inches across. There was a loud laugh on the other end of the phone, “Device-quality graphene 2-inches across doesn’t exist” they said.

I was astonished! After all the publicity about how graphene was going to change the world the reality was that good-quality graphene only 2-inches across wasn’t available.

In 2015, I recruited Simon Thomas into my research group in Cambridge to work on GaN. In his spare time he developed a new way of growing graphene. I had no graphene grant, but I did have an EPSRC Platform Grant for GaN which encouraged speculative research, so I diverted a few thousand pounds from this to support Simon’s research on graphene.

Another member of my research team, Ivor Guiney, worked with Simon to develop the growth of large-area graphene. What is amazing is that with this funding of only a few thousand pounds, they developed a new way to grow up to 8-inch diameter device-quality graphene, beating many other research groups and companies which had spent millions of dollars to try and achieve this.

Simon, Ivor and I founded Paragraf to exploit our graphene. We look forward to turning all the publicity about graphene the wonder material into reality.


At Paragraf we promote collaborative working and encourage proactive, out of the box, thinking. We are continually looking for new talent to join us in all aspects of the business, so if you share our ethos and want to join our team check our current vacancies.

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