Paragraf™ is developing solid state devices, such as transistors and optical modulators.

The high electron mobility of graphene allows for devices to work at extremely high speeds, while the atomic thickness of the material means that ultra-lightweight electronics do not need heat sinking.

Graphene electro-optic modulators have been proven to give step changes in performance over existing technology. These include high bandwidths and modulator efficiencies. Paragraf’s high electron mobility graphene offers a mass-manufacturable route to producing these devices at scale.

The GSS series of modulators utilise the silicon-compatible nature of Paragraf’s graphene to synthesise graphene directly onto silicon nitride or silicon waveguides, for integration into CMOS products.

The GSS series of transistors combine high bandwidths with lightweight devices, well suited for many applications. Furthermore, these devices have additional benefits. Paragraf’s graphene has been proven to withstand very high voltages and high levels of radiation, making these devices ideal for operation in harsh environments where other electronic materials may fail.

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