Our company has been growing rapidly since the start of our operation in 2018, and we are now able to take advantage of a new pool full of talented apprentices.

Providing entry level tasks to keen and eager students means that we get to drive the company forward at the required speed, while also empowering young people that are new to the field. Now that our first apprentice Phoebe (19) is getting close to the end of her apprenticeship, we can confidently say that taking on new talent has been very promising and rewarding for the company.

Phoebe came straight out of sixth form when she applied for a position in Business & Administration. She has exceeded the company’s expectations with her positive engagement, and by completing tasks at a rate so quick, Catherine Cranton (Finance & Business Administration Manager) was able to continuously delegate work to her that went beyond Phoebe’s expected work load.

“There’s always new projects going on, no day is the same,” Phoebe tells us. “But I think the reason why I also like to work here is the level of trust between everyone. It’s quite a small company, and other people in bigger companies have to stick to their department, whereas I am stretched out across the whole plan.”

Phoebe makes important contributions towards helping the company run smoothly. She’s responsible for purchasing equipment, booking meetings and interviews, and forwarding information to the right people. By giving her the opportunity to be challenged by a range of tasks, she’s had time to find her own strengths and preferences, as well as develop in her chosen field. Thanks to her experiences with Paragraf, she’s decided to complete a  qualification in HR, called CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), after taking a six month break from studying. Phoebe is finishing her apprenticeship half a year early, and will continue working for the company. This gives her the opportunity to grow thanks to her hands on experiences at Paragraf, while also developing academically.

“The team is quite glued together and it’s a nice environment to be in,” says Phoebe. “Ever so often, the technology guys give us an update on what they’re doing and how far they are coming along, and it’s really nice to see because they wouldn’t be able to do that without the admin team. So it’s really encouraging to see the results we’re getting out.

“It’s really friendly here and really inclusive, and although I’m just an apprentice, and everyone else here has got their PhD and doctorates, there’s still no divide between us. I’m only 19 so I’m obviously a lot younger than most people here, but there’s no segregation.”

Collaboration and empowerment are two of the company’s core values, and seeing a new apprentice flourish in the environment we have created has confirmed our beliefs in giving each individual opportunities that enable them to develop and grow simultaneously with the company.

Cranton states, “We are currently recruiting for a laboratory technician to help support our technology department. This is a great opportunity for a candidate that is interested in science to come in and make a real difference to cutting edge technology.”

Paragraf’s vision is first and foremost to revolutionise electronics by delivering graphene technologies to the world, creating a brighter, better future for everyone. Every day we strive to take a step closer to this. What better way to do this, than with the help of new, fresh minds, that are willing to work hard to get us closer to the future we imagined as children and create as adults, one day at a time?

If you are interested in joining us as an apprentice, please visit our vacancies page for open opportunities.

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