Fred Robinson – Associate Growth Scientist

Liam McDonnell – Scientist

Prior to joining the growth team at Paragraf in 2021, Fred studied Chemistry at the University of Bath and completed his Inorganic Chemistry PhD at the University of Southampton. During this time, he enjoyed the development of single source precursors that he developed from small scale to larger production scale processes. He worked almost exclusively on the CVD of 2D Van der Waals materials, the synthesis of precursors for their deposition as well as their characterisation and electronic and thermoelectric measurements.

“I was drawn to Paragraf as I was particularly interested in the use of 2D materials. The role at Paragraf struck me as exactly what I wanted to be doing to be part of this growing field, which has huge potential.

I have been working on the ALD and MOCVD processes associated with graphene growth and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Paragraf so far. It is a fast moving and dynamic environment which has the benefits of results driven product development as well as an academic style interest in research. This allows for a fast moving and yet relatively free and exploration driven workload.

The advice I would give to final year students is to take a leap and pursue only the things that you are truly interested in.”

Associate Growth Scientist

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