Ross Griffin – Growth Scientist

Liam McDonnell – Scientist

Ross joined the research department at Paragraf in March 2021, after finishing his Nanoscale Physics PhD at the University of Birmingham.

“What I particularly enjoyed during my studies was being at the forefront of research and contributing to the store of human knowledge. The understanding of deposition techniques was a very valuable skill to bring to Paragraf.

In the ten months since joining Paragraf, Ross has worked on the fundamentals of graphene growth on substrates, and how this lends itself to optimisation of material quality.

“A company with focus on cutting edge research, and the potential use of graphene as a solar material, was what drew me to Paragraf. In my interview, I got to talk to the team of young scientists that I’d be working with – this really made a difference. There is an excellent team here across the whole spectrum, from material to devices; a microcosm of the electronics industry that encourages learning and new ideas. When you are looking for your first employment, find a workplace whose fundamental values align with yours; work towards a change you want to see in the world.”

Ross Griffin

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