Liam studied at the University of Southampton for his Masters in experimental physics and PhD in nanomaterials, studying 2D materials and carbon nanotubes.

“Throughout my undergraduate degree and PhD, I most enjoyed performing experiments in the lab and making new discoveries. My PhD focused on understanding monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides, a family of materials discovered after graphene in 2011. I was keen to continue working in the field of 2D materials and Paragraf provided a great opportunity. As a result, I have brought with me a lot of prior knowledge on the characterisation of 2D materials and device fabrication.”

Liam joined Paragraf in May 2021. He was attracted by the Paragraf technology and the opportunity to work in a company looking to commercialise a 2D material and realise products using these exciting materials. Since joining Paragraf, he has primarily worked on photolithography processing for the fabrication of more complex graphene devices.

“It’s great to work with like-minded individuals towards a common goal. The work is interesting and varied, so never a dull moment. The advice I would give to final year students is to work hard and pursue your interests.”

Liam Mcdonnell

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