Ultra-high resolution magnetic field measurements under operational extremes, far beyond the scope of any other sensing solution

Achieve NMR and fluxgate-like resolution over large magnetic field ranges, in a small, low-power package capable of operating at cryogenic temperatures, under high radiation levels

Paragraf’s direct-to-wafer deposition technology enables high purity graphene, with a high carrier mobility, to be integrated into sensing technologies.

Paragraf’s first commercial application of graphene in an electronic device – the GHS Series Hall-Effect sensor – delivers the unique properties of graphene into magnetic field sensing applications.

Utilising the inherently high sensitivity of this two-dimensional material, the GHS Series achieves outstanding field resolution down to temperatures <100 mK or at fields greater than 14 T without signal conditioning, whilst introducing new properties such as a negligible planar Hall-Effect and all-round robustness.

The GHS series of analogue sensors is designed to provide very high-performance measurement, sensing and control for scientific research, healthcare, aerospace, industrial and automotive applications. This includes:

  • Precision magnetic field measurement
  • Accurate field gradient mapping and alignment
  • High sensitivity current and power measurement
  • High precision position, rotation and speed sensing
  • Continuous ultra-low power sensing

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