Harry Dorken, Production Apprentice

Phoebe Hunt, HR & Business Administrator

Harry joined Paragraf in January 2021, after achieving an Extended Diploma in Information Technology at sixth form. He is completing a Laboratory Technician apprenticeship in collaboration with Cambridge Regional College.

“I was considering my options, including university, but felt that an apprenticeship would be a better opportunity to develop useful skills and to help me identify my ideal career path. I started searching and luckily found Paragraf on the government website. Everyone was so welcoming during my first interview, and I was in awe of the technology.”

The apprenticeship provides a good ratio of theoretical knowledge of the background sciences, as well as the on-the-job practical skills that Harry was searching for. Harry adds “Every week at Paragraf is different. I’m responsible for monitoring the rate of change in our graphene Hall sensor, whilst the devices are being tested. I also conduct microscopic inspections of the graphene quality, as well as undertaking full fabrication of the hall sensor. I enjoy being at the forefront of technology with a rapidly growing company and I can also see myself developing individually alongside Paragraf.”

As part of the apprenticeship, he is studying a Diploma in Science which will give him further opportunities to advance his career. Harry concludes: “I’d like to achieve my goal to become an Engineer or a Material Scientist. The amazing thing about Paragraf is that it has allowed me to be exposed to so many different job roles I never knew existed.”

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