Phoebe joined Paragraf in September 2018, as part of her Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship, after finishing her A-levels at sixth form college.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my career and going to university wasn’t the right path for me. An apprenticeship is a great opportunity to earn whilst you learn, and I thought this would give me the experience of working whilst allowing me to find what interests me the most.

Paragraf is such an interesting company so I knew an apprenticeship here would be enjoyable. During my first two years I helped out with a few pieces of HR administration and found that I really enjoyed this. Paragraf has supported me through further education to help me progress in my career. I have a very encouraging manager who opened my eyes to multiple different avenues, helping me to explore what I wanted to do in the future.”

In September 2020, Phoebe began her CIPD Level 3 course, completing it in July 2021. This is a great achievement, especially since most was done through virtual lessons due to lockdown restrictions. She also set up the company’s new HR software, which was launched earlier this year.

Phoebe adds: “I hope to continue to develop my HR skills and gain my CIPD Level 5 qualification next. I love how friendly everyone at Paragraf is, and the great culture we have here. No week looks the same for me – one week I’m recruiting 5 new employees to join our fabulous Paragraf family, the next week I’m ordering equipment to allow our scientists to change the world!”

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