Paragraf listed as Key Player by IDTechEx in CVD Graphene for Electronics Applications

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Paragraf  has been listed as a key player in CVD grown graphene and the role this can have in the electronics sector by IDTechEx in their latest report – Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2021-2031.

IDTechEx provides leading unbiased market research on the topic of graphene and 2D materials. Through extensive primary interviews, technical depth, and a long history in the field, IDTechEx has provided detailed analysis on the industry, including benchmarking studies, company profiles, and granular forecasts.

The report highlights “…the dream of CVD graphene is to grow a low cost, pure, perfect single layer in a continuous R2R production; if this were to be achieved, it would be truly revolutionary to the electronics sector… However, there are multiple challenges in both the production and transfer of these films, mostly linked with metal contaminants and defects.”

Paragraf overcome these production and contamination challenges by using MOCVD to directly grow high-quality graphene on a variety of substrates, avoiding challenges with copper (or similar) contamination. This opens the door to commercial-quality graphene electronic devices at scale.

Dr. Simon Thomas, CEO of Paragraf, spoke to IDTechEx:

At Paragraf, we are bringing graphene electronic devices to the world. Our first commercial product, the Graphene Hall Sensor, is demonstrating the huge benefits of harnessing the unique properties of graphene in electronic devices. Current applications include cryogenics, jet engine monitoring, and high-radiation environments such as space. Further graphene electronic device technologies are progressing to plan – watch this space!

Find the full report on the IDTechEx blog CVD Graphene for Electronic Applications: 2021 Status and Outlook.

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