The year got off to a big start for Paragraf’s public profile with a New York Times story in which our company featured prominently. As the first third of the year progressed, we earned more recognition in the form of interviews, awards, mentions in news stories and coverage of our expanding product portfolio. To catch up on all of that recognition, please view the links below.

The New York Times featured Paragraf, including interviews with – and photos of – Simon Thomas, Colin Humphreys and Natasha Conway in an article focussed on the UK economy.

Simon Thomas discussed the challenges involved in doing business with China with Sifted.

Prism Electronics published a blog post about its partnership with Paragraf in developing the MiST test kit.

The London Stock Exchange released the interview its CEO Julia Hoggard conducted with Simon Thomas.

A series of videos produced by the European Magnetic Field Laboratory and Alex Wilkinson Media featuring Colin Humphreys, Hugh Glass, John Tingay and several other Paragraf employees were released.

Tech Tour named Paragraf to the TechTour Growth 50 Europe, which seeks to match the continent’s most promising tech companies with most active growth investors.

Our CIO Kiana Aran won the Outstanding Engineer Award from the San Diego County Engineering Council.

Our CFO Charles Platts was featured in Corporate Financier, a publication produced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Cleanroom Technology covered our selection of CMB to outfit our Huntingdon manufacturing facility.

The World IP Review quoted Paragraf’s Head of IP Anne McAleer about trade secrets in the semiconductor industry (subscription required).

The Cambridge Independent shortlisted Paragraf for The Award for Innovation – Sponsored by Railpen as part of its 2024 Science and Technology Awards.

BusinessCloud named Paragraf to its FactoryTech 50 ranking of the UK’s most innovative technology firms.

An Observer article discussing the journey of graphene from its discovery in Manchester to its use in next-generation technologies featured quotes from CSO Professor Sir Colin Humphreys.

The announcement of our GFET product and online store elicited coverage from Cambridge Business Weekly, EE News and Electronics Clap.

The Foundation for Science and Technology published a blog from Sir Colin Humphreys on the opportunity that graphene presents for growing a semiconductor manufacturing industry in the UK.

Physics World published a story about the growth of the global graphene market that mentions Paragraf.

CEO Simon Thomas is quoted in Asia Manufacturing Review’s story about current trends in graphene-based electronics.

Paragraf already has a number of media projects in the works for the middle third of 2024. Stay tuned to our news feed, as well as our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, to stay abreast of all of the news we make going forward.

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