Paragraf stand at CIBF 2023 (hosted by our partner LUSTER)

The battery industry is booming and greening. Increasing demand for energy storage and environmental regulation are driving manufacturers to prioritize clean solutions that can be manufactured at high volume, with consistent, reliable results.

That was the message Paragraf heard while participating in the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF), at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. The show attracted more than 2,500 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors just on the first day. CIBF is held every two years in China and has become the largest battery fair in the world. This year’s official theme was: “power batteries, energy storage batteries and fuel cell”. The focus of the event was around electric vehicle batteries, energy storage, fuel cells, new materials, and the latest innovation. The event presented Paragraf with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with manufacturers and supply chain partners across the battery industry, and to discuss with them the solutions we are bringing to their business.

China manufactures and uses the most EV batteries in the world[1]. CIBF was attended by leaders across all industries and covering all aspects of the battery supply chain, from a variety of battery technologies, packs, management systems, charging methods, storage, waste disposal, testing and certification. It was clear that new manufacturing techniques and new chemistries were key to the future direction of the battery-based ecosystem. There is a real concern about resource availability and the ability to address demand over the coming decade. Battery makers are rushing to improve their carbon footprint and use more readily available materials.

China International Battery Fair CIBF 2023 entrance hallWith governments around the globe setting net-zero targets and moving their industries away from fossil fuels, energy storage is at a premium. Further, those same environmental concerns are encouraging manufacturers to make cleaner products, for instance by replacing lithium with sodium and ensuring that their batteries are lasting longer to provide better value and reduce waste. Paragraf is able to address these concerns by providing current sensing that enables sorting of used batteries for recycling, extended life or second-life repurposing.

Paragraf current sensors are also able to help battery manufacturers by accelerating end-of-line testing in the factory. By enabling cell-level sensing of voltage leakage, testing that typically takes about a month can be accomplished in days. This means that manufacturers can know that they are delivering a product that will provide a lifetime of reliable service and that they can get that product out the door faster.

Paragraf is already working with battery manufacturers to tailor sensing solutions for their particular applications. CIBF presented an outstanding opportunity for us to establish relationships with several other companies in the space and to discuss with them how our solutions can be applied to their process.

This instance of the biennial CIBF saw a doubling in size over 2021 and the show is expected to double again for 2025, demonstrating how fast the industry is expanding. It was clear from attending this conference and engaging with the industry, that the market, particularly in China, is booming and looking for solutions we may be able to address with Paragraf sensor products now and in future.

If you attended the show and did not have the opportunity to stop by our booth, or simply want to know more, please visit our Contact page to find out about our battery solutions.


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