Paragraf staff show skills outside the labs, with innovative cakes for bake off competition

Dr. Kiana Aran wins the 2021 Nature Research Award for Scientific Achievement
Paragraf shortlisted for innovation

company bake off

Over the last four weeks, Paragraf has held its own bake off competition. The bake off this year consisted of four heats, sweet and savoury, every Monday in October. Twelve bakers participated, with the rest of the staff happy to taste and vote for their favourites, based on appearance, taste and technical capability.

The winner of each heat went head-to-head in the final, held last week.

John Tingay, CTO, won the technical category for his fantastic “diracembouche”, a double ended croquembouche based on the Dirac cone. Scientists will understand what that means, for the rest of us, there’s thankfully Wikipedia.

Tom Badcock, Principal Scientist, was the winner in the appearance category for his clever chemistry homework walnut sponge cake.

Last but not least, our new HR Manager, Helen Dighton, proudly took home first prize in the taste category for her scrumptious chocolate orange sponge cake, and was the overall winner with the highest marks – well done Helen!

baking competition

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