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Whether you’re currently studying for a degree or have recently completed a course, an internship will help you gain that all-important, real-life industry experience.  

Paragraf welcomes the fresh ideas and perspectives that early career scientists bring to the business (or more accurately the laboratories and clean rooms!). Working closely with our more experienced scientists, who were all in the interns’ shoes once of course, the teams push the boundaries of the science behind graphene electronics, with exciting results. Our interns frequently have the opportunity to share the results of their work with the rest of the business – opportunities are jumped at with obvious, and well-deserved, pride.

Becca Wilkinson, a Physics student at the University of Bath, is about to finish  her one-year internship placement at Paragraf, before returning to her third year studies. “In my opinion, a role in R&D is an ideal bridge between university and the workplace. Having this type of experience is beneficial if I decide this is the career path I want to take.”

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