Geri is an Albanian student studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is in the fourth year of his MEng degree, conducting his research project at Paragraf as part of his studies.

Geri’s internship is five months long, and he will complete his master’s project in December. During this time, he will be working on test methods for the graphene Hall sensors.

“I have learnt a lot about graphene’s exceptional properties at university, since Manchester is considered the birthplace of graphene research. This has been a huge benefit as I can easily discuss issues and new concepts that the research and development teams are looking at, and provide the feedback they need by collecting and analysing data. I have already been learning new things about electronics and instrumentation that I hadn’t come across before.”

Geri adds: “I wanted to learn more about the industrial challenges of bringing graphene and its applications to the market, and doing so at Paragraf seemed like the perfect opportunity. After almost two years of not having access to any labs at uni due to the pandemic, I was also excited to get some hands-on experience in the lab and learn what it is like to work in cutting-edge industrial research projects, which Paragraf has plenty of!”

Geri Topore research project

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