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Harnessing graphene for commercial electronic devices

Paragraf has developed a new and unique production process that makes its “next-generation” graphene suitable for commercially viable electronic devices. Paragraf graphene is directly compatible with existing electronic device processing and production lines, enabling readily scalable graphene electronic device production.

The process:

  • enables graphene to be produced directly onto semiconductor-compatible substrates such as silicon, silicon-carbide, sapphire and gallium-nitride
  • does not require catalytic formation of the graphene so eliminating metallic contamination
  • allows synthesis of large areas of the material (up to 8” diameter to date)

Graphene sensors

Paragraf’s first commercial application of graphene in an electronic device is the GHS Series Hall-Effect sensor, which delivers outstanding field resolution without signal conditioning.

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Graphene in electronics

Graphene’s high transparency (only one atomic layer thick), outstanding flexibility, mechanical strength and exceptional conductivity make it particularly suitable for use in electronic device surface applications, such as:

  • interactive human interfaces (touchscreens)
  • flexible mobile devices
  • surface contact for SSDs
  • ITO replacement

Efficient production

Paragraf’s graphene production technique enables formation of graphene directly onto semiconductor material surfaces and transparent crystalline substrates. Full coverage with either pristine, functionalised or multi-layer graphene produces a surface with all the properties required for final product application. This combination of benefits eliminates several processing requirements – increasing productivity while reducing cost.

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Graphene in energy

Graphene has high levels of electrical and thermal conductivity, electrochemical stability, a large surface area and potential for direct combination with other crystalline materials. These qualities make it invaluable for enhancing electrical extraction efficiency in green energy applications such as:

  • solar PV cells
  • large-scale rapidly rechargeable batteries

Paragraf’s ability to highly functionalise graphene offers the potential for new energy harvesting ideas. These include using other environmental interactions and forces to create novel energy generation approaches.

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