Paragraf new branding

Introducing the Paragraf rebrand

Paragraf has rebranded to better represent who we are now and what we want to achieve.

Over the past 4 years we have seen significant growth and patented our contamination free manufacturing process of high-purity 2D graphene. This has meant that for the first time high-purity graphene can be consistently produced at scale. In addition, we have commercialised our Graphene Hall Effect Sensors and developed an extensive product pipeline, all of which build on the properties of the graphene we produce.

In order to accelerate the development of our graphene products we knew it was time to freshen our brand.

What we wanted the rebrand to achieve

Our new brand had to stand the test of time. To achieve this we needed to start at the beginning, considering every aspect of Paragraf from our vision, mission, culture and importantly our technology. All of these had to be reflected in our final brand to be authentic for our customers, partners and internal team.

The new Paragraf logo

Although our logo was one of the last items to be considered in our rebrand process, it is paramount to our visual identity.  Our new logo had to be meaningful, timeless and unique so despite how it was seen, in part or whole, it has to instantly say ‘Paragraf’.

To achieve this we asked ourselves what is at heart of Paragraf, why does every product we create perform so well, and why do our customers and partners have so much confidence in everything we do?  High-purity 2D graphene.

The essence of our logo needed to be clear – the manufacture of high-purity 2D graphene and its seamless integration into ready-to-use devices.

Ultimately, we are materially transforming electronics with graphene, to deliver products with greatly superior performance.Paragraf dirac cone logo

Logo brand mark

Our new brand mark is formed from Dirac cones which describe the unusual and unique electron transport properties of graphene.  Each cone in the brand mark reaches a point at its tip which represents the high-purity of Paragraf’s 2D graphene.  Finally, the shape of the cones provide a unique brand mark symbolising that graphene, at the heart of all our products, is the reason they perform so well.

dirac cone logo

Logo wordmark

The word Paragraf has been written in capitals to signify strength and each letter reaches a point at its apex and corners reflecting the precision of our manufacturing processes that enable us to uniquely produce high-purity 2D graphene at scale.

Our wordmark has been divided into two colour segments.  ‘Graf’ is fixed to the colour of carbon, the building blocks of graphene, and represents the constant in all our products.  ‘Para’ can be shown in different colours, representing the technologies that surround and seamlessly integrate our high-purity 2D graphene.

The new Paragraf tagline

It’s hard to encapsulate the ethos of a company in just a few words, so we needed to ensure that our new tagline, ‘Leading the way in Graphene Electronics’ reflected our vision, mission and brand promise.

Leading the way in Graphene Electronics

Our rebranding demonstrates our continuing commitment to revolutionise electronics through the development of high-purity graphene products that will facilitate massive improvements in the performance of technologies across all aspects of life.

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