Paragraf science week

During May, staff at Paragraf were busy exploring new ideas as part of the company’s yearly Science Week. An exciting event for staff and company alike, the initiative – while being a fun and enjoyable activity – has a very important goal for the company;

Simon Thomas, CEO at Paragraf, comments: “Science week is the opportunity for anyone in the company to spread their creative wings and bring their ideas and innovations to the table. While giving our staff the freedom to explore, invent and test their theories, hypotheses and speculations, science week delivers stimulating and powerful knowledge into the business, perpetuating and driving towards our purpose of delivering graphene based electronics to the world.”

The ‘shackles off’ event allows anyone in the company, not just the scientists, to freely experiment with their ideas. This has delivered some great, and some amusing, outputs in the past, accelerating and expanding our understanding of what’s possible and more often than not advancing the development of our main technology objectives – and this year was no exception.

Paragraf’s mission is to ensure the cutting-edge applications provided by the unique properties of graphene in electronics are achieved, and through this deliver the life and environmentally improving benefits this material can offer. The passion, innovation and collaboration at Paragraf is most apparent and even magnified during Science Week. During this time our scientists and engineers explore the further possibilities of graphene electronics, investigating new applications and variants of our Graphene Hall Sensors, current sensors, biosensors, solid state devices, and beyond – opening up more opportunities for the further growth of the company.

However, it’s not all serious science – our finance and admin team used this week to ‘scientifically’ develop the perfect brownie recipe – of course, we all had to sample the brownie variants to decide a winner!

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